7th Congress of the Romanian Auditor Profession
Reshaping the Financial Auditor Profession in the Light of the Current Global Challenges 


7th Congress of the Romanian Auditor Profession

Reshaping the Financial Auditor Profession in the Light of the Current Global Challenges

October 29th 2021

-Virtual edition-


9:00-9:30        Registration on the platform                                               

9:30–10:45    Opening works of the Congress

  • Messages from the Congress guests
  • Festivity on the occasion of the National Day of the Romanian Auditor

Technical plenary session 1: Connecting the auditor profession to the new normal

Adrian Popescu                     CAFR President

Salvador Marin                      EFAA  President

Hilde Blomme                       Accountancy Europe Deputy CEO

Martin Manuzi                       ICAEW Regional Director, Europe

Natalia Zlatina                       ACAP RM Executive Director

Ciprian Mihailescu                CAFR  Former President & Counsellor to the President

10:45 – 11:00  Break

11:00 – 12:00  Technical plenary session 2: Professional ethics in a digitally constructed world

Adriana Tiron Tudor             Common Content Project President

Geraldine de Leon                CSOEC France    Director DDPI

Boyko Kostov                         ICPA Bulgaria President

Gheorghe Ialomitianu          CAFR First Vice-President       

Florentina Susnea                 CAFR Vice-President

Florin Toma                            JPA Romania, Accountancy Europe Former President (2018-2020)

12:00  – 12.30  Break

12:30 – 14:15   Works of the Congress – Workshop sessions (I)

  • Workshop 1 – Perspectives on Current Audit Issues

Moderators: Ciprian Mihailescu,PhD & Professor Maria Manolescu, PhD

12:30- 12:50    Professor Adriana Duţescu, PhD – Blockchain and the Financial Audit Profession

12:50-13:10     Diana Vasilescu – The role of internal audit in strengthening corporate governance

13:10–13:30    Adela Ciucioi – The impact of technology on audit            

13:30-13:50     Ciprian Mihailescu, PhD – Sustainability and social responsibility: future features of audit  

13:50-14:10     Reader Daniel Botez, PhD – 100 years of regulated accounting profession in Romania. A history lesson for today’s professionals     


  • Workshop 2 – Audit Quality in Practice

Moderators: Mihaela Toma & Ioan Grigoriu & Ana Dincă

12:30- 12:50    Reader Florentin Caloian, PhD – The role of economic-financial indicators in the audit activity

12:50-13:10     Clemente Kiss, PhD   – Aspects regarding the improvement of the internal audit quality

13:10–13:30    Andreia Stanciu – Ethics for sustainable AI adoption

13:30-13:50     Monica Ştefan – The Audit Profession Reform – Where to?

14:15 – 14:30   Break

14:30 – 16:15   Works of the Congress – Workshop sessions (II)

  • Workshop 1 – Perspectives on Current Audit Issues

14:30-14:45     Professor Maria Manolescu, PhD, Georgeta Petre,PhD, Alexandra Lazăr, PhD – Valuations of financial reporting according to IFRS. Up-to-date challenges for financial auditors

14:45-15:00     Professor Adriana Tiron-Tudor,PhD, Andreea Cordos, PhD student – Progressive redesign of the accounting profession in the context of digitalization and 4.0 Industry

15:00-15:15     Paul Thompson, EFAA Director – Audit of LCE’s

15:15-15:30     Laura Vorniceanu – Risks of not knowing your customers (KYC) by Reporting Entities – in the context of new regulations on preventing and combating money laundering

15:30-15:45     Andrei Stan    – Sourcing Digital Capabilities for Audit Engagements     

15:45-16:00     Liana Elefterie – Audit risk in the new resilient context


  • Workshop 2 – Audit Quality in Practice

14:30-14:50     Oana Buhăescu – Processes for a quality audit. Reference steps

14:50-15:10     Ana Dincă –    Quality control management in small audit firms

15:10-15:30     Professor Nicoleta Farcane, PhD, Delia Deliu, PhD, Valentin Burcă, PhD, – The perception of economic entities and financial auditors in Romania regarding the added value of internal audit services

15:30-15:50     Carmen Spiridon – Quality management system transformation program. Implementation of ISQM1 and ISQM2 standards

15:50-16:10     Reader Maria-Lia Grosu, PhD, Reader Marinela Istrate, PhD, Professor Costel Istrate, PhD, Reader Ioan-Bogdan Robu, PhD – The influence of gender differences on the quality of financial audit engagements at Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) listed companies


16:15   Closing of the Congress works




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