7th Congress of the Romanian Auditor Profession
Reshaping the Financial Auditor Profession in the Light of the Current Global Challenges 


7th Congress of the Romanian Auditor Profession

Workshop sessions

  •   Workshop 1 – Perspectives on Current Audit Issues

Moderators: Ciprian Mihailescu,PhD & Professor Maria Manolescu, PhD

12:30- 12:50    Professor Adriana Duţescu, PhD – Blockchain and the Financial Audit Profession (download presentation)

12:50-13:10     Diana Vasilescu – The role of internal audit in strengthening corporate governance (download presentation)      

13:10–13:30     Adela Ciucioi – The impact of technology on audit (download presentation)

13:30-13:50     Ciprian Mihailescu, PhD – Sustainability and social responsibility: future features of audit (download presentation)

13:50-14:10     Reader Daniel Botez, PhD – 100 years of regulated accounting profession in Romania. A history lesson for today’s professionals    (download presentation)    

14:30-14:45     Professor Maria Manolescu, PhD, Georgeta Petre,PhD, Alexandra Lazăr, PhD – Valuations of financial reporting according to IFRS. Up-to-date challenges for financial auditors (download presentation)

14:45-15:00     Professor Adriana Tiron-Tudor,PhD, Andreea Cordos, PhD student – Progressive redesign of the accounting profession in the context of digitalization and 4.0 Industry (download presentation)    

15:00-15:15     Paul Thompson, EFAA Director – Audit of LCE’s (download presentation)

15:15-15:30     Laura Vorniceanu – Risks of not knowing your customers (KYC) by Reporting Entities – in the context of new regulations on preventing and combating money laundering (download presentation)

15:30-15:45     Andrei Stan    – Sourcing Digital Capabilities for Audit Engagements (download presentation)  

15:45-16:00     Liana Elefterie – Audit risk in the new resilient context (download presentation)


  • Workshop 2 – Audit Quality in Practice

Moderators: Mihaela Toma & Ioan Grigoriu & Ana Dincă

12:30- 12:50    Reader Florentin Caloian, PhD – The role of economic-financial indicators in the audit activity (download presentation)

12:50-13:10     Clemente Kiss, PhD   – Aspects regarding the improvement of the internal audit quality (download presentation)

13:10–13:30     Andreia Stanciu – Ethics for sustainable AI adoption (download presentation)

13:30-13:50     Monica Ştefan – The Audit Profession Reform – Where to? (download presentation)

14:30-14:50     Oana Buhăescu – Processes for a quality audit. Reference steps (download presentation)

14:50-15:10     Ana Dincă –    Quality control management in small audit firms (download presentation)

15:10-15:30     Professor Nicoleta Farcane, PhD, Delia Deliu, PhD, Valentin Burcă, PhD, – The perception of economic entities and financial auditors in Romania regarding the added value of internal audit services (download presentation)

15:30-15:50     Carmen Spiridon – Quality management system transformation program. Implementation of ISQM1 and ISQM2 standards (download presentation)

15:50-16:10     Reader Maria-Lia Grosu, PhD, Reader Marinela Istrate, PhD, Professor Costel Istrate, PhD, Reader Ioan-Bogdan Robu, PhD – The influence of gender differences on the quality of financial audit engagements at Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) listed companies  (download presentation)